An Illumination Approach

When I first began working with clients, I quickly discovered that a need existed for a unique approach to assist them with addressing their challenges. As a result of this need, I created The Illumination Approach. This approach helps clients become “mindful” of any thoughts, feelings, or situations that are clouding or blocking their growth. They can then begin to have a clearer perspective on how to move forward.


Through the Illumination Approach, I assist clients in examining their current lives (holistically) in order to plan and prepare for healthy, happy, and balanced futures.

It is important that the client and I are compatible and work as partners, so an open and honest communication is essential. Each person comes to this experience with unique strengths and expectations.  I am committed to tailoring the relationship to meet clients’ individual needs.



Body image, self-worth, depression, sexuality, relationship concerns, losses, and life transitions are but a few of the issues that a woman of any age may face. Dealing with these issues can often be a challenging and lonely experience. If you are dealing with any of these or other challenges, feeling like you are “stuck,” or wanting to recognize and connect with your true self, HLC can help. I am aware that gender, generation, and culture can play a role in a woman’s perspective and am sensitive to these influences. I work with clients to provide clarity and awareness in order to bring about change and address identified challenges.


Families of Professional Athletes

The pressure from professional sports often takes a greater emotional toll on athletes’ families, friends, and associates than on the athletes themselves. 


I have extensive experience working with parents, wives, husbands, friends, and family members of competitive athletes, ranging from the Little Leagues to the Big Leagues of the NBA, PGA, LPGA, and other amateur and professional sports. 

With total discretion and sensitivity, I focus on the unique challenges facing individuals surrounding the athlete.  Helping address issues such as self-awareness, self-esteem, values and priorities identification, and life balance, I provide the assistance needed by those who are often in the shadows of high profile athletes.