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Holistic Life Counseling, LLC (HLC) was established as result of an identified need for a specialized approach for those seeking help in dealing with life’s challenges. Often counseling involves analyzing and interpreting thoughts and feelings by going deeper into one’s head. My approach is the opposite. I teach people how the mind really works. I help people become aware of the many ways our mind and the ego prevent us from being able to connect with who we truly are. 

What we think and what we feel is not who we are. Our thoughts and feelings provide insight into the areas of our lives that no longer work. HLC helps identify and understand the reasons behind unwanted thoughts and feelings and can assist in changing them into the empowering and helpful thoughts and feelings that are desired.

Today, I assist and support a variety of clients teaching them to recognize they DO have choices in life… they can connect with who they truly are instead of getting caught up in who they “think” they are or should be. I teach clients to think outside the box in order to create a life that is desired.