Our lives are like a 360 degree mirror. Often, if we don’t like what we are seeing in our lives, it is merely a reflection of what is going on within us. The good news is, by addressing and becoming aware of our “stuff”, what is reflected back can begin to change.  


Our perspective is our realty. The only way to change our realty is to change our perspective. If we do not like what we are thinking or feeling, the first step is to acknowledge that we are not victims to our thoughts or feeling. We have the power and ability to change them at any time. However, in order to do this, we must first take responsibility for what is happening in our life. As difficult as it can be in the beginning, changing the perspective that everything is happening for us instead of to us allows our realty to change.

Life is all about choices--- what we choose to do, what we choose to say, how we choose to think, and  most importantly, how we choose to interpret situations that make up our reality.